Energy certificate

Certification Energy Efficiency in Valencia

Royal Decree 235/2013 of 5 April, the basic procedure for building energy certification of new and existing construction is approved, establishes the obligation of energy certification of buildings, and the procedure to be followed for the calculation of this certification.

By Decree 112/2009, of the Consell, by which the actions on energy efficiency of buildings are regulated, designating the Valencian Energy Agency as the competent body to monitor energy performance certification of buildings in the Community Valenciana.

Moreover, by this Decree Registry Certification Energy Performance of Buildings New Construction in Valencia, which have to enroll Certificates and Energy Efficiency Project is created Finished Building.

Ask if your home is required to have completed the energy certificate before you can make the sale.

The experts say the tinsa appraiser shall determine the market prices, ie, the law of supply and demand. It has set an average price of about 250 or 300 euros but it all depends on the dimensions of the housing and the supply of professional certifiers.